Am Mosleh - Tales of Uncle Mosleh - حكايات العم مصلح

Am Mosleh -  حكايات العم مصلح - Puppeteer Tony Sinnett

Am Mosleh - حكايات العم مصلح - Puppeteer Tony Sinnett

I was lead puppeteer and puppetwrangler on a new show produced by Baraem a part of Al Jazeera Childrens Channel . The show entitled  حكايات العم مصلح or 'Am Mosleh'  (Tales of Uncle Mosleh) was to be the first string puppet show produced by the Channel.

I was lead puppeteer but also spent a lot of time trying to get the most out of the rather basic puppets. I repaired, adjusted, restrung and repainted all of the marionettes at one point or another.

The show is about an old carpenter – Am Mosleh who works with a group of puppets to narrate captivating stories and tales from all over the world. The stories acted out by the marionettes are variations on classic folk tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood and Aladdin.